Defeat John John

The television had a great influence on political campaigns since the day it came into existence. Political parties and leaders started taking the help of TV to promote their party and get more votes than their rival. Franklin D. Roosevelt was in fact the first president in U.S. who appeared on TV. There were some interesting jingles and words as well in campaigns. Here is a look at the 3 best political campaigns

John F. Kennedy’s “Kennedy for Me” (1960)

John F. Kennedy was the youngest elected members in the history of United States. His age was 43 when he won. His rival Richard Nixon commented at him as inexperienced; however, an impressive jingle advertisement (old enough to know and young enough to do) helped John to get the higher numbers of votes from young people and he won 56 percent electoral votes.

Daisy Girl by Lyndon B. Johnson (1964)

Lyndon B. Johnson’s ‘Daisy Girl’ in 1964 was one of the most popular campaign advertisements of the time. It was broadcasted as a paid commercial only once at the NBC show on Monday night at Movies on September 7, 1964. Johnson got the huge voting of 90 percent.

Ronald Reagan’s “Morning in America”

This ad was a part of advertisement series called ‘Morning in America’ which was prepared to show the contribution of President Reagan in growing the economical condition and employment. This advertisement helped Reagan to defeat his Democratic rival Walter Mondale by great numbers of votes